Friday, June 8, 2012

E3 2012 Musings

Welcome to another edition of The Doctor's Prognosis! E3 is done and it's time to contemplate what we've seen once again.


Why is the Xbox my most used console, yet Miscrosoft continues to disappoint every year with their conferences? The gist of it was this, Microsoft wants the Xbox to be your primary media hub. You can play games, watch movies and ESPN, and now link up with your iOS, Android, and/or Windows Mobile devices with what they call Xbox SmartGlass.

I like the idea of being able to watch almost anything on my Xbox. I wouldn't need cable or satellite any longer so it would save me money. But unfortunately, I want to see games from E3. And they focused almost entirely on how the Xbox is going to rule the world. Not to mention the overly long Usher sing and dance routine.

So what did I like? Halo 4 looks ok. Nice graphics but I'm not excited for it. I like Gears of War but it feels a little early for a new one to be announced. Though I do like that it's supposed to be VERY difficult. Resident Evil 6 looks like fun too. But what I like best from the MS conference was the South Park RPG!

They made fun of Microsoft and made me excited for their game all at the same time. I love me some South Park, and The Stick of Truth could be a hilarious good time.


I was actually impressed with Sony's press conference. That's saying a lot since I tend to use my PS3 primarily as a BD player. Sony focused on games for the most part, faulting mainly with that Wonderbook demo thing. I guess that's good for the kids.

First, I was very impressed with Beyond: Two Souls. It looks amazing. The story has me intrigued and I want to see what happens to the main character, played by Ellen Page. In fact the in-game character looks exactly like Ellen Page!

The other game that impressed me was The Last of Us.

The gameplay looks so visceral. I see myself playing this when it comes out. And I'm actually looking forward to using my PS3 as more than just a BD player. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale looks like a fun game as well. It's basically a Smash Bros rip-off, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The new God of War could be fun too.

Bravo Sony on a good conference overall.


With the exception of the WiiFit stuff, I think Nintendo did a good job overall with showing off games. Nothing too exciting, though I like Pikmin 3 a lot.

I like how Miyamoto teases giving away the red Pikmin before being all, "Haha no. It's mine!" I can see myself buying that along with maybe Ubisoft's ZombiU.

On that note, Ubisoft looks to be very gung-ho on the WiiU tablet controller, which can only be a good thing. It has the potential for innovation. There were also a lot of 3rd party games shown, but many of them are older games. Arkham City: Armored Edition adds some tablet functionality, but it's unlikely to make you want to buy the game again.

Thankfully, Nintendo also showed off New Super Mario Bros. U and a new Paper Mario. Good stuff but nothing terribly exciting. I want to see a true next-gen Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc.

They closed off their show with NintendoLand, which is a game based in a theme park filled with minigames. These minigames are supposed to show off what the tablet can do. This should really be a pack-in game with the WiiU. I just can't see anybody clamoring to buy this thing. Even worse, the graphics look like a vanilla Wii game. They're still using the same Miis. Beef the graphics up a bit! Show off what your console can do!

Overall a good show but could have been better. I'm still excited to see what else they have up the pipeline.


What else got my attention?

Watch Dogs looks like it has an interesting premise.

Dishonored also caught my attention. I'm getting a Bioshock meets Assassin's Creed vibe from it.

And anything from PlatinumGames is going to be on my radar. Project P-100 for the WiiU looks like one to watch.

Now if I had to pick a winner of E3, I'd have to say Sony pulled it off this year with their conference. I can't believe I just typed that. I think Nintendo and MS have good things going for them, but Sony actually got me excited to play some games. And in the end, that's what is most important coming from the biggest game show of the year.

So what did YOU think? Which games got you most excited? What did you feel was lackluster? Let me know your thoughts on E3!

See you next time!


  1. I think MS and Nintendo aiming for the larger audience and trying to make more uses to their consoles is bad when it's on the expense of IPs they could buy. I like Sony's conference the best too. -gamingqueen

    1. Agreed. Sony stuck to games and that's what worked. Even that Wonderbook thing was a game of some kind.... albeit not one anyone I know would be interested in. :P

  2. I agree with gamingqueen. I'm actually tired of this all in one stuff. Just give me games.

    BTW, where was the The Last Guardian footage.

    Tomb Raider looked great. No WWE stuff made me sad. -Televisnostic (

    1. I think the companies sometimes try too hard to impress with gimmicks and such. In the end, gamers get excited over games. Sony got me excited by showing games. Nintendo did a good job too but nothing really exciting. Looking forward to the WiiU still but I want to see more.

      Would have loved to see more of The Last Guardian. What's going on with that game?

      I thought Tomb Raider looked ok. I just can't seem to get back into the series.