Saturday, June 23, 2012

CastleVania: Lords of Shadow 2 and Mirror of Fate

Welcome to another edition of The Doctor's Prognosis!

I have to say, I feel a bit disappointed that I missed something from E3. I suppose it's always possible since E3 is so big and so many announcements occur. And this particular tidbit seemed to be glossed over on most sites, since they were too busy talking about stuff like Watch Dogs, Wii U, and The Last of Us.

As a big fan of previous CastleVania games, I was excited to see more on the Lords of Shadow series from Konami and developer Mercury Steam. The first game in the Lords of Shadow series was a flawed game, but showed potential for the future. And the new games in the series have me excited for that potential.

Let us begin with the trailer for Lords of Shadow 2, which Mercury Steam refers to as the end of the series. WARNING: the following videos assume you played and finished the first game. They contain a major spoiler on the story.

Was that Alucard at the end of the trailer? And how badass was Dracula fighting that army? My hope is that we get to play as Alucard.

According to Mercury Steam, the game will have more exploration elements that are so popular from the MetroidVania style games, but do not have any RPG elements. So don't expect another Symphony of the Night. But that doesn't mean that it can't be any good. CastleVania games before SotN were mostly action style games like the first LoS game. So they appear to be inspired by those games, which were great in their own right.

The other new LoS game is a portable game called Mirror of Fate, which will be available on the 3DS. This game looks more like an old school CastleVania game, mixed with gameplay elements from the LoS series. Here is some gameplay of GameSpot's E3 stage demo.

Definitely looks more like a throwback, while including some of the newer elements from LoS. Being able to play as multiple Belmonts with different abilities should be fun, and is reminiscent of older games in the series. As mentioned, there will be more exploration elements similar to older games like SotN. This is good news for fans of the more traditional games in the series. But there will still be no RPG elements.

For more info on the upcoming games, here is an interview with Konami's Dave Cox.

Overall, I'm excited to see more from this series. Lords of Shadow 2 is supposed to be the end of the story. But if these games end up good, I'd definitely like to see more. Of course, if they went back to the MetroidVania style portable games, I wouldn't complain.

But are you looking forward to these games? Or did Lords of Shadow leave a bad taste in your mouth? Let me know what you think.

See you next time!

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